Some of My Early Computer Art from 1970s Bell Labs

I created the following images (and many more) in 1974-1976 using a Rand Tablet and FORTRAN IV software I wrote that, at the time, I called "a drawing program". The same software would now be called "a paint program" because, in the 1980s, the word "drawing" came to be construed as refering to vector, rather than raster, image creation software.

I hope you will be able to imagine these images not as the small darkish snapshots presented here, hastily digitized from small darkish photograph prints, but as the glowing images that filled the cathode ray screen on which they were created, to picture them in your minds the way I saw them when they were still the first output from software I was still actively writing that permitted a person to experience of drawing directly to a luminescent display screen when this was not yet a common experience.

- Laurie Spiegel



















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