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Meanings of "Terra"


ter*ra n., pl. ter*rae [ Latin earth, land; See terrace ]
A rough upland or mountainous region of the moon with a relatively high albedo.

  1. [n.] The planet where humans live
  2. -earth
  3. -blue planet
  4. -globe
  5. -planet
  6. -sphere
  7. -world

terra al*ba n. [ New Latin Latin terra earth Latin albus white]

1. Finely pulverized gypsum used in making paper, paints, and as a nutrient for growing yeast.

2. Kaolin.

terra cot*ta n.

1. a. A hard, semifired, waterproof ceramic clay used in pottery and building construction. b. Ceramic wares made of this material.

2. A brownish orange.

terra fir*ma n. Solid ground; dry land. [ New Latin Latin terra earth Latin firmus solid]

terra in*cog*ni*ta n., pl. terrae in*cog*ni*tae [ New Latin Latin terra land incognitus unknown]

1. An unknown land; an unexplored region: "a vast and virtually final terra incognita left to terrestrial explorers" - David F. Salisbury

2. A new or unexplored field of knowledge.

ter*ra*pin n. [ Alteration of torope from Virginia Algonquian]

Any of various North American aquatic turtles of the family Emydiolae, especially the genus Malaclemys, which includes the diamondback terrapin.

ter*ra*que*ous adj. [ Latin terra earth; See ters- in Indo-European Roots. aqueous ]

Composed of land and water.

ter*rar*i*um n. pl. ter*rar*i*ums or ter*rar*i*a [ New Latin Latin terra earth; See terrene -arium ]

A small enclosure or closed container in which selected living plants and sometimes small land animals, such as turtles and lizards, are kept and observed.

ter*raz*zo n. [ Italian perhaps from Old Provençal terrassa terrace; See terrace ]

A flooring material of marble or stone chips set in mortar and polished when dry.

terre-verte n.

An olive-green pigment commonly made from glauconite, used by artists.

ter*rene adj. [ Middle English from Latin terrTnus from terra earth

Of or relating to Earth; earthly.

ter*re*plein n. [ French terreplein from Italian terrapieno from terrapienare to fill with earth terra earth (from Latin)

A platform or level ground surface on which heavy guns are mounted.

ter*res*tri*al adj.

1. Of or relating to Earth or its inhabitants.

2. Having a worldly, mundane character or quality.

3. Of, relating to, or composed of land.

4. Biology Living or growing on land; not aquatic: a terrestrial plant or animal.

n. An inhabitant of Earth.

ter*ret n. 1. One of the metal rings on a harness through which the reins pass. 2. A ring on an animal's collar, used for attaching a leash.

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